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Q&A On putting your work out there

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Nathan Gould - Creator September 2, 2020

What's something new you plan to share this month? I plan on sharing updates to my Service to Civilian Project. I also plan on beginning one of three possible new books. I will expand on my current book by diving deep into Army Basic Training, the Police Academy or living with someone with mental illness. I can only really do one at a time. Please list the order of which one you would like me to write first.

Describe the moment when you hit “launch” on your project. What did it feel like? The moment I hit lauch was precisely ninety days ago. I just had finished my GoFundMe campaign and decided I needed to try something else. My brother had mentioned Kickstarter so I gave it a try. I learned a lot since my first campaign for this book was unsuccessful. The moment I pressed the ”launch” button the second time I felt confident the campaign would be successful and here we are.

How did you know it was time to share your idea through a Kickstarter project? I know God does not waste any hurts or pains in our lives! I know He intends us to reinvest our talents/experiences in others. He gave me these experiences to help others and to grow my own faith. Now is always the right time!

What kind of feedback is most helpful to receive when sharing creative work? I want honest opinions of how my stories have helped others. Constructive criticism if you have it. Go ahead, my ears are open. Never too late to learn something.

How has putting your project into the world changed things for you? I have conversations with people all the time about this taboo and other sterotypes. Other people are beginning to feel comfortable to talk about PTSD and other mental illnesses.

Care to share a photo or video of something you’re working on right now?

Children’s book that got put on the back burner for this project.

Illustration drawn by me with Adobe Draw

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