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This journey to publishing has certainly been an exciting process of learning new things for me! I have dabbled in publishing before, with my first two children's books that I self published through Amazon Kindle. I've always had a knack for writing and story telling. However this time around I felt it was important to go a more professional route because of the topic I wanted to cover. In my desire to "do this book right" I did some extensive research into publishing companies and fell in love with Köehler Publishing. I feel they truly have a heart for supporting authors and a passion to help me get my message out in the best way possible.


As you can imagine self publishing through Kindle, which is basically free, was a far cry from taking on the prospect of partnering with a publisher to create a book. I knew it would take some sacrifices financially to get this book going and I knew it would take some help from friends and family. I originally started with a GoFundMe campaign then switched over to a Kickstarter campaign. If you've been following along with me on this journey, you know that with the first Kickstarter campaign, I started with my sights set high on the full financial goal to publish my book. What I learned after that one flopped was that Kickstarter doesn't pay out if you don't meet your goal, which means it's all or nothing. So, enter Kickstarter Campaign #2 that I set my sights a little lower with the hope of meeting the goal of raising some of the money necessary to publish. I'm so excited to announce that the Kickstarter Campaign #2 was a huge success and raised $1809 of our $5000 overall goal!!


So here is where we stand on fundraising:

  • GoFundMe Raised: $550

  • Kickstarter Raised: $1809

When starting this fundraising adventure I never imagined the outpouring of love and support I would receive. My family and I are so incredibly grateful and blessed by your support.

I can't wait to share this book with you in 2021!

Thank you!

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