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Emotions brewing

I’ve been having difficulty getting permission to use a few photos for my book. They weren’t correct portrayals anyway so I decided to draw them myself through the Adobe Draw program with my Apple Pencil on my iPad. I’ve been drawing like this since 2015 when I created my first children’s book, “Mr. Mom’s 1st Day of School”.

I just finished my sketch this morning and my 9yr old Jackson was looking at it with me and was expressing that he didn’t like the Army guy killing the man in the other vehicle. He asked me, “Why is that Army guy murdering him?” I attempted to explain the rules of war, standard operating procedures (SOP) in ways he could understand without telling him that the soldier in the picture is me and that war—when you really boil it down—never makes any sense.

I just found myself holding back tears. Someday I will have to tell my kids all about it. Just one more reason to write down this first-hand account. It’s really just therapy for me!

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