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Author of Service to Civilian, Mr. Mom's First Day of School,  A Mole Named Cole Dug a Hole, Poopy Pants, Annie Narwhal's Gift & My Blue Balloon.


Latest Releases

"In Service to Civilian: A Journey Through PTSD you will enter the mind of a combat vet who became a law enforcement officer after a tour in Iraq where comrades were killed and wounded. Policing the streets, he faces the balance between selfless service, integrity, bureaucracy, and the weight of the negative policing culture around him. All this while fighting ever-increasing depression and ultimately a PTSD incident that brought him to the edge of suicide. Join the author on his healing journey—and possibly embark upon your own."

“An honest and bold look at PTSD. Nathan walks the reader through first hand insight into the causes and effects of PTSD while giving those suffering a hope for their future.”

Andy Foster

Retired Police Officer | 22 Years of Service

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