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What’s happening lately?

Life goes on. The sun comes up and goes down. No new news about publishing yet.

I was cruising along recording the audio book then I got COVID in December and it did a number on me. My voice was messed up for a bit. So I picked up drawing and writing again. Then in January my pastor asked me to be the youth director at the new start-up church we’re attending at . That was out of the blue for me but I accepted and it Is going well. I finally took the Christmas tree in our bonus room (2nd floor) down last week, crazy, I know. Two weeks ago I was quite depressed because my wife had another anxiety attack because of my PTSD. Apparently I yell, writhe and kick in my sleep. She is afraid of losing me as I apparently scare her with the things I say sometimes. Even though I really haven’t recovered from my depression fully I am on the upswing and I plan on being more productive in the coming weeks.



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