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Recent Zoom Call with Koehler Books

Nathan Gould - Creator August 24, 2020

Hey Everybody,

Sorry about the delay in communication. I recently had a Zoom call with the publisher Koehler Books and they explained what I should expect to happen in the coming months. They gave me a run down time frame and due dates for different items in the whole publication process.

Anyway, I’ve been a little silent on this end with updates. I’ve been slightly overwhelmed lately. The other week (just after my amazing call with the publisher mind you) I kinda spiraled out of control. Kids school starting back again. Feeling anxiety about nothing in particular. Lashing out in anger at my kids for little miniscule nothings. Having to go back and apologise because I love them. Having a blowout with my wife. I’m just reminded that I’m not in control and I need to give it to God again!

Anyhow, God is good. Here is a copy of the video confrence with the publisher for your viewing.

(Don't know why this didn't get published, but I'm going to do it anyway now.)

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